Can any mechanic work on bmw

Well its going to be about 25 days before I graduate from high school. At this point in time, I kind of feel like I don't know who I am or what I want to become.

I was wondering if anyone new the average salary of a BMW mechanic. Now I'm leaning towards a career in business or computers. My dream is to be some type of driver I. But they do say, pursue what you love. I'm at a crossroads where I don't know what I want to do with my life.

Anyway, back to the question on how much a BMW mechanic makes? I got certified but I didnt take a really good class so I went back to learn everything so find a good school. A mechanic I know told me that on a good week he makes an area of 3 to 5 thousand a WEEK on a average week he makes around 2 thousand or so but never under a grand! It all depends If you work on flat rate or flat r pe thats how I know it you dont get paid good unless you are one of the lucky ones Most of the dealers dont have benefits becuase you are not an employee, on flat rape you are like a contractor.

Cars today have very little maintenance and lots of warranty repairs that dont pay. Thats why tech do lots of side work. I started at my local BMW dealership changing oil. After a year I started working on the cars while they sent me to classes to learn how to work on the cars. The best thing is they paid for my schooling. I would start fresh out of high school like I did If I was you.

Good look with whatever you chose to do.

Does the Micro Mechanic Really Work?

A BMW mechanic makes about the same as any other mechanic. That's because the folks who own the BMW dealership also own a bunch of other dealership and the same policies apply to all. How much does a BMW mechanic make? Answer 1. Answer 2. Answer 3. Answer 4. Answer 5. Answer 6. Answer 7. Answer 8. Good Luck and God Bless!! Answer 9. How much does a mechanic make an hour How much does a CNA make? How much do school nurses make?

can any mechanic work on bmw

How much money do strippers make? How much does a Radiologic Technologist make?To find a BMW Center, try a new search or visit one of the locations by expanding the list results below. Bring it home to your local BMW Center.

BMW service by top rated mechanics at the convenience of your home or office

There are overBMWs assembled more than two decades ago that are still on the road today. BMW has established a network of BMW Classic Centers dedicated and certified to provide exceptional care to these exceptional vehicles. Popular Searches:. Choose your local BMW Center. My BMW. M Models. M8 Coupe. M8 Convertible. M8 Gran Coupe.

Mi Coupe Mi xDrive Coupe. Mi Convertible Mi xDrive Sedan. Mi xDrive Gran Coupe. Mi Sedan. Mi xDrive Sedan. Mi xDrive Coupe. Mi xDrive Convertible. Z4 M40i.

X2 M35i. X3 M40i. X4 M40i. X5 M50i. X6 M50i. X7 M50i. Sports Activity Vehicles. Additional M Models. BMW i. Other Electrified Models Learn More. Current Offers.I'm looking to buy a bmw xi soon. Was thinking if my current trusted mechanic of 8 yrs will be able to handle all that new tech inside the bmw. Dont think asking him will help since he is likely to say he is able to do the job regardless. Can somebody who has made the switch give some insight on what I should do?

Give my current Joe a shot until proven otherwise or start my search for a new shop? It's not about the hand tools or mechanical ability. It is about having the right equipment to diagnose the problem. The BMW Mercedes, Audi and the like have several computer modules and it is important to communicate with them and be able to retrieve the faults.

Search bimrs. You cant just take your BMW to a chain auto service center, like Sears or Pep Boys or even your local general mechanic. Avoid any yahoo that also says he works on BMWs on their own. Go to a mechanic, ask for references, take the time, effort and work to find a good one, they are out there but if they stink of con, leave. Not really But perhaps you are getting ahead of yourself.

Is the car's maintenance and repair warranty about to expire already? If your mechanic is experience and use the right tools it should be fine. It's all about the tools available.

No snap-on scanner, no work. No experience with older e36 or e46, no work. No experience with turbos, no work. Gotta supply admire, while admire is due. I supply them admire on the line. They wanna velocity by capacity of me and cut back me off, pass head' toddler, you have the horsepower to try this. Find out if he has done work on german cars before. If not you might want to consider one. Answer Save. First is the fact that a BMW, or a Benz is not much about nuts and bolts.

They are still there and could still be problems. But most of the BMW problems are about computers and electronics.It's a hassle, but you really do have to maintain your car properly if you want it to run well.

But where should you take your car for service? There's always the dealership service department but you know it'll probably cost you an arm and a leg. There's also Joe's Garage — right down the street, but can you trust them to do the job right? Technicians a. Do you know your mechanic? Dealer service departments have access to an array of specialized tools and service bulletins, and are usually the first to get them, but independent shops can acquire them if they can foot the bill.

Dealerships usually have large, clean and organized facilities. After you browse through the dealer's parts department for fun aftermarket products CD holders, sunshades, key chainsyou can hang out at the dealer waiting area, doughnuts and TV included.

A typical corner garage. Generally, not as inviting as a dealership but not as expensive, either. Independent shops typically have fewer bays to handle vehicles, but lighter traffic may allow their mechanics to address your needs promptly. So where to go? Below we've outlined some of the pros and cons of the dealers versus the corner garage. Bear in mind that "corner garage" means smaller, independent repair shops, not the chains like Midas, Jiffy Lube, Meineke or Pep Boys.

Those chains, which often specialize in one "area" of the car, fall in a middle ground between the Big Boy dealerships and the mom-and-pop repair shops. The technicians at the dealer level are specialists; they are manufacturer-trained and typically work only on your make of vehicle.

Most dealers have an ongoing training program for the service staff, which includes not only the service technicians but also the service manager, advisors and support staff also see our " Roles of the Service Staff ".

The manufacturers offer these training programs only to their network of dealers. The dealers typically pay for these programs to keep up with the latest vehicle enhancements and repair techniques. A manufacturer-trained and experienced technician is one of the dealers' biggest assets.

So dealers typically offer higher salaries or other incentives in order to recruit and retain these employees. Of course, these costs are passed on to the customer in higher labor rates. This is not to say that the dealers always have the best technicians. Many independent repair facilities are started by previous dealer employees who want to operate their own repair store. Once on their own, they can continue to stay current with the latest repair advancements by taking classes and getting certified through the Automotive Service Excellence.

How to Identify a Qualified BMW Repair Shop

Many technicians are both manufacturer- and A. Although A.If you are passionate about the BMW brand of automobile and are thinking of becoming a mechanic, the right career choice for you might just be BMW mechanic. If that suits you, then this post will show you how to go about becoming a certified BMW mechanic as soon as you can. The pay justifies a perfect service, which results to job satisfaction. The work of an auto mechanic is to check problems associated with automobile and initiate repairs immediately.

Education is a necessary requirement for most careers, but not so compulsory in some. It is the first stage where you begin your career journey. The auto programs offered to students in high school creates chances for primary training and insight on automobile repairs and maintenance. The AYES program is created to prepare students for further study and training in advanced programs. BMW auto-service maintenance programs are offered in trade, vocational, and technical schools, as well as in community colleges.

Diploma, certificate, or associate degree is offered to graduates of these programs. STEP is a scholarship program made open to postsecondary graduates mostly those at the top of their classes. The beginning of the program lasts 24 weeks with 7 training centers in the United States.

The training will help you get hired easily, find potential employers and acquire interview skills and experience. Latest engine electronics is part of some of what you will learn on twin turbo and direct injection engines.

UTI is the only place that FastTrack is offered. Some even get jobs before their graduation. License requirement may differ according to the state where you operate. Registration requires certain amount of money in most cases. Licensed auto mechanics have better job opportunities in California. Here are some requirements you will need to meet to be issued a license:.

There are some dealerships in your state that may offer real job opportunities for certified BMW mechanics. You can try them out at your convenient time. This is a proof of high demand of certified BMW mechanics. Becoming a certified BMW mechanic can be a great career choice if you love vehicles, especially BMWs, and are passionate about keeping them in top shape. This post provides the information you need to successful realize your dream of becoming a certified mechanic specializing on BMW cars.

Did you find this post helpful in becoming a certified BMW mechanic? Do make a quick comment in the box below. You can also share additional tips on getting into the career if you have any. You may need to pass a job test to be hired for a position, improve your chances of making high scores today!Posted by Swedish Motors.

One of the biggest concerns individuals have regarding using an independent repair shop for their Volkswagen is whether the warranty will be voided. Fortunately, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of changed all that. Under this act, manufacturers are no longer able to tell car owners where they can take their car for service or repairs. The dealership often charges more money for services than their independent alternatives.

This dealership alternative for Volkswagen service and repair will provide you the same service you would receive at a dealership for a fraction of the cost. You may have heard rumors VWs and other import cars are more expensive to repair than their domestic counterparts. While the parts may sometimes cost more due to their need to be imported, overall, the cost of maintaining your Volkswagen is relatively comparable to any other vehicle you may purchase.

As long as you adhere to the maintenance schedule set forth in your manual, your vehicle will run well for many years. You need to make sure you are choosing a dealership alternative that has the proper certifications and training.

Factory trained and certified technicians will be just as capable as a dealership, but someone with little or no experience with VW cars will not be equipped with the knowledge to handle the unique needs of your Volkswagen. Many do-it-yourself car owners think they can perform the same services at home to help keep their costs lower. Finding a dealership alternative for Volkswagen service will ensure your car runs well for as long as possible. Before you make the right choice for your Volkswagen repair, make sure you understand what information is a myth so you can decide the best option for your vehicle repair and maintenance.

Our experienced technicians can handle all of your repairs and maintenance so you can rely on your VW for as long as possible. Topics: Car Repairimport auto repaireuropean repair shopvolkswagen repairvolkswagen maintenance.

Phone: There are many myths that surround VW auto repair and maintenance. In most cases, car owners are led to believe they need to take their car to the dealership for maintenance and repair. Read on to learn the truth about the five biggest Volkswagen repair shop myths. Your Warranty Will Be Voided One of the biggest concerns individuals have regarding using an independent repair shop for their Volkswagen is whether the warranty will be voided.

can any mechanic work on bmw

Only a Dealership Can Perform Volkswagen Repair and Service The dealership often charges more money for services than their independent alternatives. Volkswagens Are Expensive to Maintain You may have heard rumors VWs and other import cars are more expensive to repair than their domestic counterparts. Fixing Your Car at Home is Better Many do-it-yourself car owners think they can perform the same services at home to help keep their costs lower.

Ask Our Expert Certified Technicians. Subscribe to Email Updates. Posts by Topic Car Repair 20 import auto repair 19 european repair shop 18 european car maintenance 17 import car maintenance 15 audi repair shop 9 Winter Driving 6 saab repair 6 Battery Life Import Car 4 bmw repair 4 saab mainenance 4 BMW 3 audi dealership alternative 3 bmw repair shop 3 classic cars 3 independent saab repair shop 3 mini repair 3 saab dealership 3 Hole in the Wall Charity Golf Event 2 bmw repair garage 2 bmw repair mechanic 2 local audi maintenance and repair 2 making the difference for a serious ill child 2 vehicle inspection 2 volkswagen repair 2 AAA green car repair shop 1 BMW Dealership 1 Volvo 1 auto repair 1 car emergency supplies 1 car safety essentials 1 emergency car care checklist 1 m 1 mini cooper care 1 mini cooper central pa 1 mini service central pa 1 mini service marietta 1 snow tires 1 state inspections 1 volkswagen maintenance 1 see all.

BMW Automotive Technician Career Opportunities

Follow Me. Reach Out To Us.Below are some qualities we look for when adding BMW Repair Shops to our directories - and you can use them to help choose the right mechanic for your BMW.

When searching for the right repair shop for your BMW, you will want to bring your car to a mechanic that has BMW specific training and access to specialized BMW diagnostic computers, tools, and parts. Although many general repair shops will work on your BMW, in the long run, it is best to take your car to a specialist that has made a career working on high-end German automobiles.

While Master Certification is not a must-have, you will want to find a repair shop that employs technicians with dealer level experience. These shops pride themselves on their reputations as specialists and work to ensure their technicians are up to date on the latest tools and training.

You will want to ensure your repair shop employs these or other high-quality diagnostic tools such as the AutoLogic system.

can any mechanic work on bmw

You want to make sure the parts on your BMW are being replaced with high-quality, authorized parts designed specifically for your car. A general repair shop may not be able to access these parts quickly. Most reputable BMW repair shops will display evidence of membership in automotive professional affiliations. Did you get a good feeling when you called in to inquire about service for your BMW?

A quality BMW repair shop will have a friendly and knowledgeable service advisor ready to answer your questions and help you make arrangements to bring your BMW in for service.

Toggle navigation. Specialization When searching for the right repair shop for your BMW, you will want to bring your car to a mechanic that has BMW specific training and access to specialized BMW diagnostic computers, tools, and parts.

Professional Associations Most reputable BMW repair shops will display evidence of membership in automotive professional affiliations. Another great resource is other BMW drivers. Ask fellow Bimmer enthusiasts where they have their BMW serviced.


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