Lq4 engine wiring

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lq4 engine wiring

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LS SWAPS: Wiring Harness and Wiring Guide

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Large Image. Instructions Large Image. Instructions Multiple Images Video.The wiring aspect of any LS swap is undoubtedly the most difficult. Most builders are familiar with fabrication techniques, trouble shooting, and parts swapping to make things work, but electronics rise to a much higher level of complexity.

Wiring has carried an aura of mystery that can send a shiver down the spine of even the most seasoned builder, making them wish for a simple carburetor and distributor. This chapter has the answers you seek with easy-to-understand instructions for tackling the wiring of an LS swap.

lq4 engine wiring

Retrofitting the stock harness requires knowledge of electrical circuits, soldering skills, and attention to detail. It is not a simple plug-and-play procedure, so make sure you are up to the task before hacking into the wiring harness.

On many LS engines, even the throttle is computer controlled; the pedal is connected to a sensor box that tells the throttle how much to open. These systems can be overwhelming, but the key is to tackle one circuit at a time.

Although the factory systems are certainly adequate, the aftermarket has fully embraced the LS platform and there is definitely more than one way to do it right. If you picked up an engine from a salvage yard or other used vehicle, you need all the electrical components to go with it.

Let me repeat: it is imperative to get everything. This includes the computer, wiring harness, mass airflow sensor MAFoxygen sensors, and if the engine is drive-by-wire, the gas pedal and throttle actuator control TAC module. Each engine requires the use of its own specific computer and harness, and keep in mind that there were changes made to each system year by year. In order to reuse as many of the factory components as possible, you need to get all of them with the engine.

Keeping track of each wire can be a bit of a headache, though. Whether using a stock or an aftermarket harness, the cleaner the install, the better. This Painless Performance PowerBraid protects the wires from abrasions and heat while keeping a stock look. Friction tape at the ends secures the braid. Regular electrical tape works, but make sure it is good-quality stuff such as 3M Super The cheap stuff falls off.

Each Painless Performance kit comes with all the basics: terminal pack, relays, and zip ties. You often need more terminals than what is included, so be sure to have plenty of assorted terminals on hand.So you found that perfect gem of a low mileage 5. Luckily, you have some old parts laying around from the F-body you had in college. In this specific scenario, some significant changes need to take place to the wiring harness to make it work as a stand-alone. First and foremost, a power source needs to be created, as well as usable grounds and a key source.

Outputs for fans, fuel pump, and a tachometer are also minimum requirements. From there, we know that the LS1 intake manifold will need different EV-1 plugs for its respective fuel injectors. Truck wiring harnesses travel over the top of the intake manifold, so do we want that massive bundle of wires loosely sitting on top of our pretty car intake? Oil level, oil pressure, and EVAP Evaporative Emission Control System wiring should likely be eliminated; also catalyst O2s and potentially the entire transmission harness, should you be running an older GM four-speed or aftermarket, manual transmission.

A common problem with aftermarket headers, the coolant temperature sensor may need to be moved to the passenger side head. Now, where does the computer go?

Is there a good place for it in the engine bay, or do you want it tucked away somewhere under your dash or center console? The most cost-effective is to download a schematic online and relocate your sensors where you want them, delete unnecessary wires, solder in the plugs you want, where you want them and add wire where it needs to be added.

These guys are out there however, there are a ton of fly-by-night operations on eBay that may not deliver, so choose wisely. Last but certainly not least, many companies will construct custom wiring harnesses for a multitude of applications. In one of our custom builds, we chose to utilize a small operation out of Kentucky, who builds its harnesses from all-new equipment.

We explained all of the modifications and they offered some great suggestions and handled the rest. Some of the changes were: forward-facing oxygen sensors, passenger-side coolant temperature sensor, EV-1 SD 80 injector plugs, and a 5-foot lead for the primary fuse block.

The layout was flawless and the wires were neatly strung throughout their looms. Hopefully, you can find guidance, or at least some clarity in what options are available and make a decision that best fits your application and budget.

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Having a financial budget is almost a necessity in all aspects of life, from your personal check book to running multi-billion dollar corporations. The major difference in the LQ4 engine is that they are cast iron instead of aluminum. Bolting a set of LS6 heads to the iron block, the LQ4 was born.

The and model year engines had cast iron heads with all other model years sporting the cast aluminum heads. The beefy iron block and the 4.

For junkyard engine builds, this is a very desirable engine. Some have made 1, horsepower on this block. This serial anti-theft system is only defeatable through ECM reprogramming. You should plan on having the ECM re-flashed when installing this into your transplant vehicle.

The 4. A basic LS1 still demands a pretty penny with their proven performance and popularity.

We had to stick to our guns on this one and maintain going the cheaper route. The LQ4 is a 6. These are on the lower end of the pricing scale, as most people are looking for all-aluminum engines. With our decision made to use the LQ4 engine, the hard part came about when trying to source one. Even if we did find what we were looking for, we would have to pull the engine and hope that it was in decent shape, and not need a rebuild.

This saves us hours, if not days,and more importantly-headaches. Another great feature of Just Chevy Trucks is the motor is percent complete, including the wiring, sensors, accessories, and everything else on the engine.

Buying an aftermarket harness and all of the accessories could add up quick and blow our budget. They looked in their inventory and found a great LQ4, with onlymiles on the clock. The best part, was they have a video of it running, before pulling:. But we needed a transmission as well.To be honest, all the hype is entirely justified. They are simply better in every way compared to the Gen I small-blocks that came equipped in our Chevys. Well, in every way but one: cost.

Yep, getting an LS engine in your car is no inexpensive endeavor. You see, GM has been stuffing LS variants into cars since around Given this, there are wrecked GM vehicles, fitted with LS cores, stacked deep at most salvage yards.

To try this out, we decided to find a decent salvaged engine and see what sort of power it could make with what amounted to a rebuild and a good camshaft. To save a few extra bucks and make swapping it into a car cheaper we also opted to slap a Holley carburetor on top. The core for our build was a 6. There are two 6. LQ9s have flat-top pistons while LQ4 pistons have a distinctive dish. Of course LQ9s will cost a bit more, but the compression will make more power and still work fine on cheaper gas.

If your budget is even tighter you could look at one of the countless 5. We found this locally, but there are all sorts of places online that sell them. Keep in mind that the prices vary quite a bit, so shop around.

A truck LS engine comes with a very ugly, and often difficult to work with, truck intake manifold. This means you have two options for your Chevy, buy a car-style LS intake manifold or go with a carburetor. There are lots of ways to tackle a project like this, but we wanted ours to look nice, so we opted for aftermarket valve covers and fasteners. To illustrate this we listed the costs for our build and for one using less expensive options that would still net roughly the same power output.

Our starting point was this LQ4 6. It had everything, including the wiring harness, ECU, pulley system, and coils. The inside of the engine was in pretty decent shape. In our case, the only issue with the long-block was some surface rust in one cylinder where water must have leaked in. If you get lucky and end up with a super-clean engine you can just toss in new rings and bearings for an even less expensive rebuild.

Next to the COMP spring you can see a stock style valve seal with integrated spring seat. The exhaust valves were in great shape. Our freshly polished GM crank was then put in place. To secure the crank we used the stock main caps and the original bolts.

The rods and pistons were cleaned up, but not disassembled since the pins are press fit. The LQ9 used a flat-top piston, which is why the compression is a bit higher than an LQ4. Our LQ4 pistons have a very slight dish and hence a touch less compression. Running a thinner head gasket can get some of this lost compression back. The weakest part of the stock rods, and the rotating assembly in general, are the rod bolts. Our engine was staying mostly stock, so if we were going to make more power, it was going to be with a good camshaft.

Duration at 0.

CHEVROLET 6.0L/364 Fuel Injection System Wiring Harnesses

With the cam slid in we installed the camshaft retention plate. Yeah, LS-series engines are just ridiculously easy to assemble.General Motors produces several computer types and each is built for a specific engine group.

Some work with many engines, and some only work with one. It is very important to obtain the original computer, harness, and sensors when buying a used engine. This ensures that you have everything needed to make the swap as simple as possible.

The possibilities are almost endless. The reluctor wheel setup can be changed, but it requires the corresponding computer. Gray sensors are 58x, and black sensors are 24x.

lq4 engine wiring

There are two main types of computers: tooth and tooth reluctor wheel engines. The reluctor wheel is mounted to the crankshaft inside the block to the rear. The crank position sensor is mounted to the rear of the block, behind the starter.

As the crankshaft rotates, the teeth on the reluctor wheel interrupt the magnetic field created by the sensor.

LS SWAPS: Engine Management Systems Guide

The sensor records these interruptions and sends a signal to the computer. These signals are used to detect issues, such as misfires and detonation, with the ignition system. It is important to know which reluctor type you have, 24x or 58x.

lq4 engine wiring

You can tell by looking at the reluctor wheel sensor: a black sensor is a 24x wheel, a gray sensor is for a 58x engine. The pin-outs and wiring harnesses are different. This is a Camaro ECM, front and back side. This is a 58x reluctor computer; the ancillary parts are very expensive, so make sure to get all of them from the donor car. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of money to buy these components individually.

Changing the reluctor wheel also requires changing the cam timing gear. The reluctor wheel and the cam gear work in tandem to monitor the ignition system. There are several different drive-bywire pedals. Not shown are pedals for the — Corvette, CTS-V, Trailblazer, and the rest of the trucks, which interchanged through the years. The pedals and TAC modules are a matched set. You need both units to properly operate a drive-by-wire throttle.COUPON CODE: JRF25 Redeem Offer GET MY FREE FAT LOSS EBOOK Get the Guide Now.

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